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Tehnike in orodja za izvedbo strategij

: Peter Dolenc
: 22.5.2019
: 20 min
: Slovenščina / Slovenian

Today organizations are operating in an unstable and unpredictable environment which changes on a hyper rate. In order to stay competitive, they must change too. And the change must reflect the needs of the ever-changing business environment. In order to do this transformation, organizations cannot rely only on a good Vision and Strategy. Today, more than ever, we see how excellence in execution beats brilliant ideas, visions and strategies.

To change properly, to implement vision, to implement strategy we need to change our approach toward changes. We must change people behavior in order to change organizations. And Change management has changed.

Twenty years ago, it was communications and training. Delivered just before go-live, if you were lucky - or if not - just after, or not at all. It was the optional extra, the “warm and fluffy people stuff” that HR or an external consultant managed. It was often reactive - used to put out the fires of resistance.   It was seen as a deliverable of Project Management - an item on the project plan, which often became a tick box for an overloaded PM focused on on-time, on-budget delivery.

Today, change is what organizations do, every day, every year. Every new vision, strategy, business plan, transformation, IT system, relocation, outsourcing and restructure is a change. A change that only succeeds when end-users embrace, adopt and use the new ways of working. And not go back to the old ways when the project ends.

Organizations don’t change. People change organizations. And people change one at a time, so change needs to be managed at the individual level.

It’s time to change the way we think about - and do - Change Management. One of the leading methodology organizations use with great success worldwide is Prosci change management methodology.

Prosci's change management methodology is developed based on research with over 3,400 participants over the last twenty years. What is unique about the methodology is that it comes from real project leaders and teams reflecting on what worked, what did not and what they would do differently on their next project.

At its core, Prosci's methodology is the collective lessons learned by those implementing change across the globe. Based on this research, Prosci has developed a methodology that is holistic and easy to use. The resulting process, tools and assessments have been developed with one goal in mind: that you can put them to use on your projects while building your (and your organization's) own internal change management skill set.

Speaker's BIO

Peter DolencPeter Dolenc ima več kot 15 let izkušenj z izvajanjem projektov, uvajanjem novih produktov, konceptov in rešitev ter vodenjem in razvojem timov. Uspešno je vodil transformacijo v več IT slovenskih podjetjih, kjer je kot glavno kompetenco vedno uveljavljal zmožnost podjetij za sprejemanje, uvedbo in izvajanje sprememb. V mednarodnih korporacijah Oracle in prej Microsoft je zadolžen za uvajanje novih konceptov na lokalnem nivoju in njihovi uveljavitvi na slovenskem trgu. Specializiran je za projektno vodenje tako po klasičnih (PRINCE2) kot tudi agilnih metodah projektnega vodenja (SCRUM), ki jih uspešno nadgrajuje z metodologijo upravljanja sprememb Prosci.

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