Tehnike in orodja za izvedbo strategij

: Michael Lachapelle
: 22.5.2019
: 60 min
: Angleščina / English

“Outcome Delivery is a one-stop-shop for design thinking, lean startup, jobs-to-be-done, and agile delivery.”

Jaimie O’Shaunessey – Product Manager at Skype

Mobius is a framework that connects discovery, design and delivery in a continuous journey. Using Mobius, people who design and deliver innovative products and services can delight their customers and sponsors by focusing on improving the outcomes that translate to value.

Think of Mobius as a map to help organizations reach a balance of insight and validation. Mobius doesn’t prescribe one way of working. Instead, it links together existing tools and frameworks in a cohesive way that’s adaptive and extensible for solving new challenges.

In this talk Michael Lachapelle will introduce you to the Mobius Outcome Delivery structure and tools. He will cover the logic and design of the approach that is not based on conformity but acts as a guide-rail and allows people to use their own creativity to generate the required ideas. There is no imposed standard and teams choose the methods they want to use to deliver outcomes that matter to the business and the customers. 

Speaker's BIO

Michael LachapelleMichael Lachapelle has more than 18 years of experience in business design, enterprise business analysis, strategic management, and product and service innovation. An independent consultant, Michael works with senior executives and founders helping them better align, communicate and change the way they do business. He coaches individuals and small teams, helps organisations implement business design methods, and facilitates product, service and business innovation initiatives. Michael is a member of the core development team for Mobius Outcome Delivery and is a Strategyzer certified Business Model Canvas coach and consultant.

Michael has worked with clients in many sectors: private (e.g. FedEx, Raytheon Canada, Kaiser-Permanente, Davis & Henderson), government (e.g. Canadian Federal), not-for-profits (e.g. Let’s Stop Human Trafficking, World Bank Institute, California Lotteries) and member-based organizations (CPA Canada, International Institute of Business Analysis). His clients range from established multi-national organisations and businesses to small enterprises and early-stage start-ups.

The Mobius Outcome Delivery structure, tools and methods have been adopted by Redhat software as a foundation for its Open Innovation Lab and by Google Apigee. MOD is also being used in projects at Volkswagen and Heineken. IBM Germany and Ottawa are using MOD as an extension of Design Thinking practices.

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