NPP 2019

Pre-conference Workshops

Conference - 22.5.2019

 Michael Lachapelle: 
Delivering Outcomes That Matter to the Business and the Customer

 Andi Roberts: 
My Canvas Journey Through Strategy Execution


Workshops - 22.5.2019

  Andi Roberts: 
Visual Strategy Execution

  Miikka Leinonen: 
Service Charger


About Conference

The main theme of the 10th annual Advanced Business Approaches conference is

"Tools and techniques for Strategy Execution"



The aim of the Advanced Business Approaches under the 'Always a Step Ahead!' slogan is to demonstrate the most advanced business approaches and to provide solutions and answers to current and future organizational needs with the aim of improving success, efficiency, and competitiveness.

While designing their acclaimed Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Kaplan & Norton carried out a study to determine the success of organizations in transferring on-paper strategies into successful business practice. They found that enterprises met their objectives only 10% of the time. A more recent survey conducted by Forbes Business Magazine provides a somewhat higher but still meager success rate, indicating that at least 3 in 4 companies have major difficulties in realizing the strategies they have set.


The  Advanced Business Approaches Conference will familiarize participants with proven but insufficiently utilized business frameworks - models and techniques such as Canvases and the ADKAR framework for implementing change. But it will also introduce global innovations that include: Mobius Outcome Delivery (MOD), Ghost Service Changer and the New Digital Project Framework.

These business approaches and operational tools and techniques are not only important in strategy implementation but also present a unique opportunity to improve internal operations efficiency and enhance customer relations.


Michael Lachapelle: strategy innovator /  he's been working with Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas

Miikka Leinonen provides visionary innovation talent for companies looking to thrive in the intangible future

Andi Roberts: As a manager in a Fortune 100 professional services organization

Pardeep Dhanda: Head of Agile Learning at Deutsche Bank

Ales Stempihar: IIBA Slovenia Chapter President, Digital42 Team  leader




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